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Puffadder & friend invoke Leviathan by the lake on Walpurgisnacht(April 30th.) The ritual was a big success, meaning we obtained the desired results. This picture was messed up, so it had to be touched up in photoshop. The snake is a large Gaboon Viper, very docile. I'm standing further away than it appears....

This is one of my female Puff Adders named Helga shortly before she gave birth to 72 babies. Several were DOA but 67 made it. She's such a pretty girl & very docile.

This is my son Stevie from several years ago holding a Burmese Python that he & I raised from birth to about 15ft. He was probably 9 yrs old here(he's nearly 16 now & in demand with lots of the young ladies.)

The Great Beast 666, Aleister Crowley(1875-1947.) I began studying Crowleys Magick about 25yrs ago. For the record, Crowley was a Thelemite, not a Satanist.....or was he?.....Study his writings & find out for yourself......

The one and only PUFFADDER in the flesh. Here I am showing off my massive 21-1/2 inch bicep. I've been hitting the weights really hard again after a long layoff. I plan to enter the NC state powerlifting competition in the near future, just for the fun of it really.

This is my sweet little old mom. She really is the greatest mom in the world. She had to be to put up with me.

This is my moms dog bitsie looking demonic. She's sweet..... most of the time. Either way, she's one of the family.

My son & I from a few years ago. We are holding a very large Black Ratsnake

Bitsie again. I decided to play with the earlier picture in photoshop....Bitsie, the demonic poodle.

The puffdaddy.

My son & his girlfriend Katie.