Welcome to hell you sorry bastardsaid the dark figure as he reached for the largest butcherknife on the table which held an assortment of hideous impliments that 6666 knew could have only one purpose, the grotesque chore of dismemberment and human butchery. He was barely conscious be he instincteively knew the horrors that were to come. the dark figure took a few steps toward 6666 and stopped. thru the hazyness and blurred vision he could only make out that the killer was wearing a hat and a long trenchcoat his ears still rang from the heavy blow that rendered him unconscious and his head throbbed with each successive heartbeat. A horrible dread was building in the pit of his stomach and as wicked visions of what the dark figure had planned for him raced uncontrolably through his mind. "please!" he moaned without even realizing he'd said it. Panic and fear gripped him like a bear trap. His body went into spasms as he strugled to free himself and notuntil the momment he felt the resistance of the bonds did he realize he was tied to the chair only a helpless toy in the hands of this madman. A sinister laugh snapped his attention back to the figure. "not enjoying my company? Do you really wish to leave so soon?" said the man as he raised the large knife in front of his face and gently twisted the blade the light glinting off the long stainless steel shaft. 6666 felt a sudden surge of bravery and without even thinking blurted out angrily "cut the bullshit! what the hell do you want with me?" The man lowered the knife and tightened his grip on the wooden handle as he bent forward and put his face only inches from 6666's. "sure, lets cut the bullshit. What I want is to hear you scream. what I want is to watch your blood gush onto the floor. What I want is to feel my hands in your intestines" growled the man and then another wicked laugh filled the room. "I'm going to cut you al over your body, like this" suddenly he grabbed 6666 by the hair pushing his head back, he quickly brought the knife up and placed the razor sharp blade in the crease of 6666's bottom lip and then very slowly drew it downward. The bloodbegan to flow very slowly at first but then erupted in a fountain of pulsing blood which quickly formed a rapidly expanding red circle on 6666's shirt. The man had completely laid open his face from his lip to the tip of his chin exsposing the bone. 6666 gasped and sucked in blood which went straight into his bronchial passages. Hechoked and gagged as he strugled through the pain for a breath of air. The man grasped his hair tighter and pulled him forward and like a savage lustful beast grabbed the dangling flayedlip between his teeth and began chewing and sucking gulping every bit of blood like a starved animal. The sickening sounds and satisfied moans suddenly and bizarrly grew in intensity as theman put down the knife on the floor and began gappling with the button on 6666's pants. Through the pain and horror suddenly 6666 realized wht was about to happen. "oh my god he's........."